Toyota testing - epa and carb recognized laboratory results

Toyota and Penske Leasing contracted with an EPA and California Air Resource Board (CARB) recognized laboratory to establish emission and fuel reduction on their car-carrier fleet. After extensive laboratory controlled testing, the Toyota Car Carrier's experienced an 11.3% reduction of Fuel Consumption and a 42.2% reduction in Particulate Matter while operating in highway driving mode. As a result Toyota installed the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on their entire car-carrier fleet.




        DHL and NationalLease conducted a SAE/TMC J1321 fuel economy test procedure using ten Class 8 trucks equipped with Cummins ISM engines. The ten vehicles were tested to establish they were all producing a similar consumption rate. The Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s were then installed on five of the vehicles and five trucks became the “control trucks”. The study was conducted over 95 days and covered 289,300 miles. 

        The results, as documented in the published report were a 4.59% average improvement in fuel consumption.

        Additionally, in Lubbock Texas, at the Penske Truck Leasing facility, DHL conducted a controlled fuel study on five DHL Class 8 trucks.  The results were a 5.1% average improvement in fuel consumption improvement on five Class 8 trucks.


Does not void warranties

Magnuson-Moss Warranty -
Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act
Federal law, US Code, Title 15 & 2301, Public Law 93-637

According to the FTC, using aftermarket or recycled/re-manufactured parts doesn’t void a vehicle warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void a warranty or deny coverage under the warranty because aftermarket or recycled part was used.
The FTC defines an aftermarket part as a part manufactured by a company other than the original vehicle manufacturer/original equipment manufacturer (OEM).On new equipment, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst is proved to keep the engine efficiency running as new.  On older equipment, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst will bring the engines back to the efficiency it had when it was new.   
To prove the point, if the school board has a bus that is emitting black smoke, we can demonstrate that the Rentar Fuel Catalyst will eliminate or substantially reduce the black smoke within 24 hours of use.  Black smoke is "unburned fuel" which is wasted efficiency. 
The Rentar Fuel Catalyst will reduce fuel consumption, reduce the toxic emissions affecting the students, and because the engines are running clean, maintenance will be reduced and engine life extended. 

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst comes with a ten-year warranty  which can be moved from trucks being replaced with new trucks as they come in.  The Rentar Fuel Catalyst requires NO maintenance, nothing to refill and is easily installed.

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