T H E  S C I E N C E  O F  T H E  R E N T A R  F U E L  C A T A L Y S T

Exhaust emissions are unburned and wasted fuel. When fuel is passed thru the Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s patented combination of metallic and rare earth elements prior to combustion, several parallel reactions occur which modifies the fuel molecules as well as releases a small amount of Hydrogen Gas. This pre-combustion treatment of the fuel results in a more complete burn.

One of the reactions is the changes in the proportion of saturated straight chain aliphatic paraffin’s to unsaturated ring compound aromatics which leads to dehydrogenation of the saturated hydrocarbon chain resulting in the release of a small quantity of hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas, with a flame speed faster than that of fuel, improves the combustion process and reduces NOx as a result of burning at a cooler temperature.

A second reaction is a polarization or separation of clustered fuel molecules resulting in more surface area of the fuel molecules being exposed to oxygen at the point of combustion. Additional reactions result in a hydrocarbon mixture with a lower vapor density, (improved atomization), an increased cetane number, shorter ignition delays, a turbulent fuel flow all of which leads to fuel that burns more efficiently.

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst uses combinations of rare earth elements and metals in various formulations depending on the applications and the eight different Rentar Fuel Catalyst models. Such elements may include Zirconium, Cerium, Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium and Iridium. These same elements are used today in the cracking process at Oil Refineries.

The process has 33 issued patents and allows the kinetic energy of the fuel to be transformed into increased useful mechanical energy. This results in better engine efficiency which leads to better fuel economy, increased engine power 

and reduced emissions, increased horsepower/torque and a cleaner operating engine with 

less maintenance required and an extended engine life.

Authored by Robert E. Yelin, Ph.D.,

Dr. Yelin has a doctorate in Chemistry. Dr. Yelin has 30 years’ experience as project engineer, division director and principal with national and international environmental engineering consulting firms. Dr. Yelin is a past President and Present Board Member of a Multi-Disciplinary Environmental/Engineering Firm that was partially owned by General Motors. Dr. Yelin also organized an environmental services group for Honeywell Corporation. Dr. Yelin served as VP for a major multi-disciplinary environmental services company leading their alternative energy initiative. Dr. Yelin is widely published.

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