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Designed to operate indefinitely with a 10 year replacement warranty.  The Rentar Fuel Catalyst pays for itself in less than a year from fuel savings and continues to provide savings for the life of device.   

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about the rentar fuel catalyst

A  B  O  U  T    R  E  N  T  A  R 

  •                Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc., manufactures a proprietary device called the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, which was initially developed by the founding family's various R&D investments and involvement in the oil and gas industry. It was their vision to find a way to tackle the problem of dirty emissions from diesel vehicles by developing a pre-combustion technology. This was achieved by creating a hardware agnostic device, not tied to a specific engine OEM. Rentar has received 33 issued domestic and international patents. 

  •               The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is a true catalyst which has no moving parts or magnets. It does not leach any of its contents into the fuel and requires no maintenance. The product comes with a 10-year replacement warranty. Most importantly, the Rentar catalyst reduces fuel consumption 3% to 12% and particulate matter up to 58%. The initial investment is recaptured within 12 months from fuel savings. From that point on the catalyst provides its benefits at no further cost to the user.  

The catalyst has been operating for 12 years on CEMEX USA equipment, 

having been removed and re-installed as equipment is replaced.

  •                   Recently, the company broadened its focus from only the domestic market, to include a significant international presence. Expanding the initial business plan allowed the company to go after the large fleet owners and operators in the mining, logistics, port and marine cargo sectors worldwide. As a result, Sotreq, S.A., Caterpillar's fourth-largest dealer, has become the primary Rentar distributor in Brazil. The credibility gained by this alliance has allowed the Rentar Fuel Catalyst to be exposed to various large fleet owners such as Hydro, Vale, Suzano, Mosaic, Yamana Gold, and others who are either current Rentar customers or are in the pilot-testing phase of evaluating the product. There are over 30 pilot tests underway in Brazil at this time.

  •                  Yamana Gold-Chapada Mine, owned and operated by Lundin Mining, thoroughly evaluated the Rentar catalyst on their fleet of CAT 785 haul trucks. After a successful pilot test their management made the decision to implement wide spread installations on their fleet. Another large international mine owner, Vale S.A., is also a current Rentar customer. Following pilot testing they approved the Rentar catalyst based on double-digit fuel reduction in liters per ton of material moved. This metric is a popular productivity Key Performance Indicator (KPI) when it comes to controlling costs in the Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) world.

  •                   Rentar is also focusing on power generation and as such are in the final approval phase to pilot test on a number of the primary power generators with one of the largest such operations in the world. The customer's expectations for a successful conclusion will likely lead to other KPI's such as a reduction of their continuing SCR costs based on the reduction in NOx emissions.

  •                      So how does it work? A patented combination of rare-earth elements and refined metals contained within the Rentar catalyst causes the fuel passing through it to react, thus enabling the molecules to briefly de-cluster, resulting in more surface area of the fuel molecules being exposed to oxygen at the point of combustion. This process changes the structure of the fuel molecules and releases a small amount of hydrogen. The fuel burns more completely leading to increased mechanical energy and less emissions of CO, CO2, SOx, NOx and Particulate Matter being emitted through the exhaust.  

  •                       The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is UL listed, has a Design Assessment Certificate from the American Bureau of Shipping, receives an annual letter from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) allowing the Rentar Fuel Catalyst to be installed on California vehicles. 

  •                                    Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. is  A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. 

  •                      The Rentar Fuel Catalyst does not void manufacturer warranties. The company provides for its international clients a $2 million product liability insurance policy. A letter from Rentar’s insurance agent attests to the fact that over a twenty-year period, Rentar has never had a claim lodged against it.

  •                      The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is part of the solution to the problem of Global Warming. It is the only product that simultaneously reduces fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions.

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